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Motion Transfer 08 Apr 2018 18:33 #1

My wife and I recently bought a king size bed frame. It's a really nice Cherry frame hand built by a guy on Etsy. Now we just need a king size mattress. I have been researching mattresses on this site for the last couple weeks and have learned a lot. We are both very light sleepers and I tend to toss and turn when I'm first going to bed which really bothers my wife. So it is really important for us to get a mattress that doesn't transfer movement. Would also really like to get a mattress that's going to last a long time. I don't think I am overly picky about mattresses. Our current mattress is a firm coil mattress with a 2 inch memory foam topper. I don't love it but it's fine.

I am 5'11" and 185lb I am mostly a side sleeper and sleep occasionally on my back. My wife is 5'3" 115lb and is a side sleeper.

I have looked at a lot of mattresses online but still haven't completely decided what to get. It seems like every time I find a mattress that I like the look of I read a review saying that it doesn't isolate movement well or that its longevity is not so good. I am trying to stay under $1500 but I am somewhat flexible.

I am leaning toward a all latex mattress my only concern is motion transfer. I know latex is not as good as memory foam at isolating movement. Hoping someone who has one of these or a similar latex bed can comment on how motion transfer is for them.

I will probably go with a 8"-10" mattress as my frame is fairly high.

What ILD should we try for the core and toppers? I realize this is highly subjective but need to start somewhere. Going to try to go by some local stores and see if we can get a sense of what we like. I suspect we really won't know until we have slept on the bed for a while.

Thank you for any advice.
- Lief

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Motion Transfer 09 Apr 2018 09:44 #2

Thanks for reaching out. I have a king all latex mattress and I can tell you I sometimes have to look over to see if my wife got up early or not. Latex mattresses isolate motion extremely well. The problem often comes from what's underneath the mattress. As an example I recently had someone complain about that very thing in our showroom with one of our mattresses. I took a look underneath and the cheap Costco bed frame was causing the bed to shake because the connections were very loose. We literally had to duct tape every connection and that solved the issue. Also, if you try to use an actual box spring, that will also cause the bed to shake. A solid platform will be the best base for a latex mattress if you are sensitive to motion transfer. Slats can have some bounce unless it's firmly constructed like our "Wood Foundation". As I mentioned before a loose bed frame can also cause all kinds of issues. I hope this helps.

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Motion Transfer 10 Apr 2018 05:38 #3

Thank you for your reply Ken. Very helpful helpful information. This is the frame we bought: www.etsy.com/listing/253021421/ndrnv01-solid-hardwood-platform-bed-with It is very very solid and heavy with 1.5" between the slats. Haven't had much luck finding all latex mattresses locally to try out yet.

If we went with your Adjustable Ultra Plush Latex Sleep System (Blended) mattress www.mattresses.net/queen-adjustable-ultra-plush-latex-sleep-system.html what firmness would you recommend for our weights and sleep styles? What would be the pros and cons of this mattress vs your Natural Talalay mattress? What is the lead time on getting one of these?

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Motion Transfer 10 Apr 2018 09:09 #4

I see no issues with the platform bed. We are super busy these days and currently have a 3 week production lead time. I would suggest a dual firmness setup for you with a firm base core on your side and a medium base core on her side but topping it off with 3" of plush talalay since you both sleep on your sides mostly. As far as the difference between natural and blended, you won't really notice much at all. To me it's more of a lifestyle choice, if you spend a whole paycheck at Wholefoods then you probably would buy the all natural. Other than that they both are Oeko Tek 100 Class 1 certified and safe for infants. The blended will be less expensive and about 10% more durable.

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