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Are there any red flags in this message? 24 Feb 2012 17:28 #1

Before going to a local mattress manufacturer (Gardner Mattress in Newton, MA), I received the following message from a Gardner representative:

We make four builds in our latex line. The first is simply a 6" firm core that is
>upholstered in a woven fabric and is our firmest build. From there we do three
>layered versions, a firm, medium and a plush. these all consist of a medium/firm core
>with softer layers built into them."

Anything in there look suspicious? I tried their 3 versions and all felt great. Prices (for a queen) ranged from about $1900 to $2500(including the foundation).
That's another point--can a new latex mattress be placed on an old(er) box spring? Or is the latex "foundation" mandatory?
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Are there any red flags in this message? 24 Feb 2012 19:11 #2

Hi swami,

Gardner is a very good factory direct manufacturer and makes some very high quality mattresses including the models you are mentioning here.

All of the materials in the mattresses you are mentioning are high quality and durable. Of course this doesn't speak to how suitable any mattress may be for you in terms of height, weight, body shape, sleeping positions, and preferences ... but personal testing with the help of the people who actually make the mattresses can help you narrow down which of these options may be best for you. Specifically testing for pressure relief and alignment (with their help) rather than just an overall more subjective comfort level will normally help you choose between the various options.

While a latex mattress "can" be placed on a box spring ... latex tends to do much better on a firm rigid foundation with enough surface area (slats or a wire grid) that the latex doesn't sink into any gaps. Box springs (that are meant to be shock absorbing and have springs in them) are not the best choice for a latex mattress IMO ... especially an older one.

So not "mandatory" if the box springs are really really firm ... but highly desirable for the "best" performance of your mattress.

Some posts and threads that talk more about foundations and the many options available in many price ranges include post #7 and onwards in this thread , along with this thread and post #47 in this thread .

In almost all cases .. the best option is to follow the recommendation of the mattress manufacturer who usually carries a foundation which they believe is best for their mattress and usually sell them for less with a mattress purchase than they could be purchased separately.

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