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Custom Sleep Technology ~ The Mattress Underground (TMU) New Trusted Member 13 Oct 2022 12:59 #1

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As of October 1st, 2022, we welcome back Custom Sleep Technology (CST) to The Mattress Underground community.

About Custom Sleep Technology
Knowledge & Experience:
While Custom Sleep Technology appears to be a fairly new company, it was originally started in 2008 under the name of Custom Sleep Design and founded by Robert Zukowski (former VP at Talalay Global) and Bernie X. CST became a member of TMU in 2011, however, due to a chain of unforeseeable events, they ceased production and went ":under" for a while. We were glad to see CST's great come back with renewed forces and a robust and uncompromising approach to business and its customers. I had a long discussion with Bob and I was impressed by his level of integrity and commitment to quality products and ultimately the quality of sleep of people who own a CST mattress.

One of the most unique features of their mattresses is a multi-layer modular patented design that not only can be uniquely built to suit a customer but it allows for subsequent modification and various exchanges if the body characteristics of the sleeper(s) change, or one or more of the internal components fail over time. This is all accomplished in the home without having to remove the mattress. “It’s the last mattress you’ll ever buy” CST boldly states
CST Advanced customization
CST offers All-Latex, All-PU, and combo mattresses. A list of CST’s Personalized Mattress offerings here and each of their mattress construction here where you can read about CST's Advanced Customization, which is well described visually by CST's Color Comfort Sleep SystemTM Service:
CST’s 2021 U.S. Patented technology for their Custom Foam Mattress Design System focuses on truly ensuring an adequate sleep experience for each of their customers.
Additionally, our site visitors could greatly benefit from enjoying Mattress Educational Podcasts in the Sleep Talk series brought to you by Custom Sleep Technology and Bob Zukovsly. TMU Consumer Discount:
Discount: 10% off (For the newest discounts they have to offer please check out any Updated Discount Codes here )
Discount Code: TMU10
Note: All discounts offered to TMU consumer members are equal or higher to any other Custom Sleep Technology discounts.

For more details please visit Custom Sleep Technology’s Business Member profile .
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