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Closest current offering to my 2013 Brooklyn Bedding mattress? Specs inside. 27 May 2022 14:07 #1

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We have really enjoyed our all-foam mattress, was named the "Aloe Adele" back when Brooklyn Bedding offered deeply customizable sleep solutions (now they're just mass bed-in-a-box like everyone else, sadly). I spoke to a BB salesperson and was basically told they don't make mattresses similar to the one I have anymore. So: after 9 years so it's time for a new mattress and it looks like I'm changing brands.

Our current mattress:
1" quilted pillow top
3" of 4-lb gel memory foam
3" of 28 ILD Talalay latex
and 7" of 2.17lb base polyfoam

What we're trying to recreate:
* Little to no motion transfer, no major bounce (hence hybrid mattresses are out... I truly can't tell the difference between coils vs. innerspring other than marketing)
* We need the all-foam feel, which we view as soft without compromising support. We want more than neutral foam, but don't want to sink deeply into the mattress. My wife describes it as "just enough sink to support all the crevices, then you stop sinking before you feel trapped."

Whether there's a quilted top or not isn't super important.

What we've tried:
* Saatva showroom, hated almost everything we tried mostly due to the bounce. The closest offering was the Saatva HD, meant for heavy people (awkward, I'm 145 lbs.) But as I read about it, I think perhaps it's because the mattress added additional comfort layers for heavy people, so we didn't feel the springs as much. In addition, the coils that WERE there, were stronger than normal so perhaps less bounce to them.
* Purple showroom, hated everything with a passion because of the bouncing.
* Casper showroom. The Casper Original wasn't bad but was a tad too firm for our liking, felt more like sleeping on top rather than slightly more "in." I would say "close." We disliked the Wave and Nova beds, not a surprise as they're hybrids and very firm.
* Nectar. The Nectar Original is maybe the closest we've had so far. If the layers were thicker it might be the winner, but overall a bit firm (more "on" than "in" again). Nectar Premier was definitely out of contention. All reviewers say it's a much softer mattress, but that really only seems to apply to the top layer. We layer on it, immediately sunk through the top layer with virtually no support, and hit the second comfort layer like a rock.
* Tuft and Needle Mint - Felt extremely cheap in the showroom. They call their payers "adaptive foam" but I really didn't get the deeply supportive memory foam feel, just felt like a lot of cheap base foam.
* Brooklyn Bedding Signature - Medium. Yeah it's a hybrid but adding it as a data point. We have this in our guest bedroom. Much too firm for us, really no memory foam feeling at all.
* Brooklyn Bedding Aurora - Medium. This is the mattress we ordered without doing much research to replace our current bed. We are planning to get a refund, it's bouncy, the cooling is really a gimmick (didn't sleep any cooler than the one we got rid of), and it is lacking that memory foam feel/support we want.

What I'm looking at and have no idea what I'm doing:
Ghostbed Luxe - The bad reviews are scary, but I could order through Costco and have their warranty back it up
Winkbed GravityLux - Looks ok? I'm not convinced Ghostbed and Winkbed stand by their products, they seem to have exceptionally poor consumer feedback.
Leesa Original - Possibly a contender? Going to try to find this in a showroom, I think they have them at Macy's, but I wonder how much we'll miss having that layer of latex.
Nectar - How has the new Original changed from the old one we slept on? What about the Premier... which just seems like a layer of marketing?

This community helped me so much 9 years ago that I'm really excited to hear what you all might have to say :)

Closest current offering to my 2013 Brooklyn Bedding mattress? Specs inside. 30 May 2022 14:45 #2

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Welcome back!

Sorry to hear they've stopped making what sounds like a great mattress. Sad, but not surprising (as you've pointed out!).

It sounds like you've tested quite a few mattresses which have solidified what you know you definitely don't want :)

I can't speak much to the Winkbed, Leesa, or Nectar beyond the note that they seem to be popular options here in the forum. I'm not sure why GhostBed tends to have poor customer service reviews - they have a really great product! You may also be interested it The Quail from Nest Bedding.

I hope others in the forum who have experience with Winkbed, Leesa, and Nectar are able to chime in here and give some sage wisdom!
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