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Time to ditch our 30 YO mattress and my journey so far 14 Apr 2022 18:10 #1

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First time posting on this wonderful sight. I have learned a lot and have read just about everything and printed out "Mattress specifications you need to know" to take with me on my shopping journey. We have not shopped for a mattress in 32 years! I know, way too long but up until 3 years ago we still liked our mattress. It is an old King Coil Pillowtop on both sides but it is beyond time to upgrade. We will be purchasing a queen size. Our stats:

Me: 5'5" - 153lbs / 70% side sleeper (fetal position) / 20% homicide victim shaped stomach sleeper (1 leg up, 1 down) / 10% back (usually in the morning). No real aches or pains other than slight lower back, which may be due to dip in my ancient mattress or might be 66 yo typical aches and pains. The only place I feel pressure is on my outside thigh region (IT Band) and shoulders.
Hubby: 5'10" / 155 lbs / pretty close to the same sleeping style as me. He sleeps somewhat hotter than me.

Since it's been so long since we shopped for a mattress we set out to determine what we liked. Coils? All latex? Latex Hybrid? Memory Foam? Hybrid? Plush? Firm? Medium Firm? We live in the Portland, OR area so there are plenty of the usual suspects but we focused on smaller shops. What we determined is we like a medium firm but plush feel. We did better on hybrids and we did not like any of the all memory foam beds. We didn't like anything designated as firm. Luxury firm seemed to be the common denominator we liked. We also tried all latex beds and latex hybrid with coil beds. It was hard because everything felt better than what we have right now. Here's our findings:

Tuft and Needle - Tried all 3 beds. ($760 to $1400) Meh. No specs/densities were listed, salesperson didn't know & none on website..
Casper - Tried OG ($1165), OG Hybrid ($1400) and Wave Hybrid ($2560). I liked all 3, Hubby liked Wave Hybrid. No Specs listed. High pressure to bundle, salesperson wouldn't write prices down.
Amersisleep - We both liked AS3 ($1400) & AS2 ($1300) Hybrids. Their latex mattress was not in the store. No secs listed nor on website but salesman thought the memory foam on the AS# was a 4lb density.

All 3 of the above brands were shopped at malls. The next beds were shopped at well known / well liked smaller shops.

Mulligan Mattress - 3 beds. ($3000 range) All latex bed Medium and Firm and Hybrid (medium?(8inch coil and latex). Both of us liked hybrid. Small manufacturer/shop. Dunlop latex only. Asked owner about ILD's of dunlop in the 3 beds and he said it didn't pertain to latex.??
Following beds were at Mattress Lot - All sales final!
Southerland Elbert Euro Top - ($749) Budget mattress but we both like it. It was #3 of the 3 we liked. Supportive but cushioned. No specs given, on Southerlands website or known to sales staff. Made in Tualitin OR (local)
Englander Beckford Plush - ($1249) - Hybrid - We both liked it.. Rated #2 of the 3. Supportive but plush on boney shoulders. No specs given, on Englander website or known to sales staff.Made in Tualitin, OR.
Englander Elation Luxury Firm - ($1399) - Hybrid - Uh Yeah! This was our favorite!! It felt great. No specs given or known but from bottom to top - 3/4" stabilizer base pad / 789 perimeter wrapped coils / 3/4" firm comfort foam / 1" Talalay latex / 3/4" copper infused memory foam / 1386 count 17 gauge micro luxe nano coils / 2" Firm quilt layer.
Side note: Both the Southerland and the Englander mattresses are manufactured in Tualitin, Oregon. It appears that Southerland acquired Tualitin Sleep Products in 2018.
We also tried latex mattress from 45th Street Bedding out of Seattle, WA.
Woodlawn Elie Plush - ($3099) - This was our 2nd favorite latex mattress. It is a 2 sided flippable mattress, no wool and zippered. They list their latex as Boatanicore. Plush: is 75 kg/m³?? not sure how that translates to ILD.
Pettygrove Plush - (3199) this was our favorite Latex Mattress. Although it is not listed at 45th street bedding website it is the exact same as the Woodlawn Elite Plush but has the Joma Wool in its quilted layer.

Following 2 beds shopped at Sleep Dreams, a very small shop run by a super nice guy. Both are bed in a box
Diamond Mattress Reflections Hybrid - ($1800) - Could not find this on their website so it may be discontinued. Has cool touch fabric with graphene layer?? and it was noticeably much cooler. Very comfortable mattress but I don't read good reviews on customer service for this company (Diamond). Too bad, very comfortable. No specs given, on website & unknown to sales staff. Has sleep trial but I don't see this model on website so hesitant.
Luuf Luxury Firm Hybrid - ($1600) - Super comfortable. Supportive but plush enough for boney shoulders. No specs given, on website & unknown to sales staff. 100 night trial with refund if returned.

Sorry for the long post but I hope it helps someone in the Portland Area on what's available. Unfortunately nobody had specifications listed anywhere which was disappointing. No where else to go from here other than build our own or bed in a box trial and error. Anyway I welcome any advice or thoughts on what we have tried.

Thanks so much for reading!

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