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Latex or other 24 Jan 2022 14:36 #1

Am 178 pound 5'5 female left side sleeper and sometimes turn half on my rt hip not all the way on my stomach. Arms stretched or under pillow. Not sure what the position is. I am currently on a plush beautyrest xclass which was too hard for my shoulder so they sent me a Loom and Leaf topper. I want a new mattress. Love sinking into my mattress with it being soft. I am torn between memory foam and latex. What build would you suggest in latex? Was interested in the avocado organic luxury plush mattress as I want a high thick mattress but then I looked at the price. It looked like everything I need, plush and thick but forget the price. 7100 before tax. Any suggestions on a bed or latex bed would be very very much appreciated and thank you !


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Latex or other 26 Jan 2022 13:50 #2

Hi Rebecca.

That price is wild! You can definitely find what you're looking for much, much under that price point. Is the reason you want a new mattress because your current mattress + topper still isn't allowing you to sink in as you'd hoped/prefer?

Both memory foam and latex allow for sinking in. Memory foam cells 'collapse' under our body heat which is why many people complain of the 'stuck in the sand' feeling on memory foam (which some people love, it's really a matter of preference.) Memory foam sleeps hotter than latex.

You mention wanting/needing a plush and thick mattress - thicker mattresses are more adaptable and will "act" softer for most people you may find this forum topic on the benefits of a thicker mattress informative.

What build would you suggest in latex?

I think a 'classic' progression of soft/medium/firm (top to bottom) would be a good fit for you. You could start with a 9" configuration and add 2" or 3" at a time until you feel you've reached the thickness you are looking for.

A hypothetical suggestion in your case could be:
3" soft latex
3" medium latex
3" firm latex

or 2" super soft latex
3" soft
3" medium
3" firm

Etc. I'd also recommend, of course, a careful conversation with whomever you purchase from so they can help you decide what configuration would be your best fit.

If you're looking for something that is all foam, I'd suggest starting with these options from our Trusted Member Directory
SleepEZ Organic Latex mattress
FloBeds Natural Latex Mattresses
Arizona Premium mattresses (all foam or hybrid)

And hybrids that come to mind are Nest's Sparrow in Plush and Luma's Hybrid Mattress which is quite thick and may be of particular interest to you.

I hope this helps point you in the right direction.

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