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Naturepedic mattress delayed production - looking for alternative 17 Jan 2022 09:34 #1

Hello. I have found this forum to be so useful in learning about mattresses. After reading here, I ordered a Naturepedic EOS organic mattress from a local store (Northern California) in early November. We were told it normally shipped in 2 weeks but due to circumstances, it would likely be more like 4 weeks. It's now been 10 WEEKS!!!

I have contacted the local dealer multiple times and for the last several weeks he has been telling me "it should ship this week". Last week he told me he was finally able to reach someone at the factory and that it should ship this week for sure. I now have reached the limits of my patience and if it doesn't ship this week, I will cancel it and order elsewhere. I was trying to support a local business, but this has gone on too long.

I liked that my husband and I could feel the bed in person, which helped me feel confident in my choice. However, I think with all the information here, I can recreate a similar mattress from another manufacturer.

I'm curious if others have been experiencing extreme delays in receiving your mattress. What alternatives would you suggest for an organic mattress?

The Naturepedic EOS has the following components according to their website
    8" encased coils with edge support
    3" organic latex comfort layer (NOTE: it's a CA King bed and we were able to order one side Plush and one side Firm which I like)

    I'm looking for guidance on where to look for something equivalent and also any knowledge or information on shipping times these days. Thank you!

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Naturepedic mattress delayed production - looking for alternative 18 Jan 2022 13:31 #2

Hi kfred33.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :)

We're so glad it has helped you to find a mattress! But, of course, we're sorry to hear of the shipping delays. This is not uncommon due the interruptions in the supply and production chains thanks to Covid. And then there are shipping delays on top of production delays - lots of sources I've come across have said six weeks has been the average delay for most furniture items (so, six weeks on top of however long it would normally take).

10 weeks does feel like quite a long time though. If you do choose to cancel, we're happy to help point you in the direction of the DIY materials and discuss approximating the feel of the mattress. Would you know the ILD of the latex in that bed?

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Naturepedic mattress delayed production - looking for alternative 30 Jan 2022 22:06 #3

did you order from a naturepedic dealer? or a naturepedic owned company store? haven’t known the company stores to be anything but reliable.

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