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Hate My Winkbed Luxury Firm - Now What? 28 Dec 2021 08:21 #1

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Hello, first post. After months of reading and researching, I bought a Winbed, luxury firm mattress. I have been sleeping on it with my spouse for 60+ days now, and finally decided to return it. Here's my story and my stats, hoping that by sharing I get some help.

5'6", 180-ish pounds, side and stomach sleeper. Good health. Aging aches and pains, but nothing terrible. My spouse: 6', 200 pounds, side and back sleeper.

- We liked the made in WI aspect and the quality
- Excellent edge support (we're an aging couple, so not being able to sit on the edge of the bed is a no-go for us)
- I like the height/thickness of the bed (looks great when bed is made)
- I like that I don't feel my spouse flopping about as much as I used to on my old inner spring

- My shoulders still hurt 60 days in
- It sleeps hot
- I can feel the quilting of the euro top , even with mattress cover and premium sheets. (It almost feels a little lumpy on my side as if my hip hits just right where there's a button, I feel it as a dip and hard spot).
- I don't just love getting into bed, even with putting $$ into new luxury bedding and down comforter, etc. It just feels Meh.
- Yeah, I like the reduced motion transfer, but I find it hard to roll over in this bed. I feel like I have to wake up, sit up, and roll over.
- Really, for $1600 I feel like I should love it and sleep well, and I just don't.

Of course, Winkbed offered for another $49 to exchange it for a softer/alternate model. But I'm skeptical. The quilting they use on the top feels lumpy under me, so I'm afraid even a softer option will have the same feel since it's the same construction.

- I want some bounce,, so innerspring or hybrid probably.
- I prefer not having all the chemical fire retardants stitched in
- If it slept cool it would be a dream

I'd like to stay around $1000 if possible.

If you made it this far, you're a gem! Thank you!

I hope someone has a great recommendation for me, so I can get a mattress that doesn't kill my shoulders and make me wake to roll over.


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Hate My Winkbed Luxury Firm - Now What? 29 Dec 2021 18:13 #2

  • NikkiTMU
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Hi MaterBum.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :)

Thank you for sharing your Winkbeds experience and sleep stats with us! I'm sorry to hear that the mattress is still causing you pain beyond the break-in window.

I think you'll be really happy with our Trusted Member Directory . If local is important to you, you should check out Beloit Mattress who are in Wisconsin as wall and not a large name brand so you're really buying local. They - like all our Trusted Members - would also be able to best recommend or create a mattress from their inventory that checks all your boxes.

My Green Mattress and Quality Sleep Shop are US made in the Chicago area, so right next door :)

If you're willing to look a little further away, you may find the Roma Latex Mattress interesting. The upside to latex is that it offers the same motion transfer reduction that you like from memory foam *without* the "stuck in the mud" feeling and also sleeps much cooler than memory foam.

I hope this gives you a useful starting point!
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