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DIY Mattress - What are your thoughts on this build? 17 Sep 2021 14:06 #1

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I spent a ton of time on Reddit researching mattresses and then found this site. After pouring through articles and posts, I decided to DIY my mattress and would love some feedback. Thanks in advance for the help!

Our current (10 year old mattress) is the following and we really liked it:

"The Avail is made by Anatomic Global (which is owned by Foamex/FXI which makes polyfoam and memory foam):

2″ of 4.5lb soft Eco Soy Based Memory Foam
2″ of 3.5lb soft Eco Soy Based Memory Foam
2″ of 1.5lb High Density transition layer foam.
3″ of High Density Soy Based Firm foundation layer"

My wife (5'4 120lbs) is an 80/20 side/back sleeper.
I am 20/80 side/back sleeper (and am 6'2 195lbs).

We wouldn't mind a little more firmness & bounciness, but want to stay closer to feel of the mattress above. Since she is a side sleeper, we were thinking 3" 5lb memory foam but there seems to be mixed opinions on this and that 2" may be better.

Here is what I am considering--does this look decent?
Support: SOL Firm 3" Dunlop ILD: 46
Transition: LMF Medium 3" Dunlop ILD: 28
Comfort: ViscoMAX 3" Memory Foam Topper (5 lbs)

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DIY Mattress - What are your thoughts on this build? 20 Sep 2021 18:34 #2

  • NikkiTMU
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Hi johnti006.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :)

It looks like you've put a lot of thought and research into your configuration. Mattress-mattress matching is a very difficult thing to do (which more often than not proves to be a futile exercise). You might find it helpful to peruse post #9 here which describes several ways that one mattress can "match" or "approximate" another one. There are also several factors that can affect how soft or firm a mattress (or an individual layer) feels besides just the exact specs, density, and ILD of the foam used (see post #4 here for more information )

That aside, I do think your proposed set up looks appropriate for your heights/weights/sleeping positions. You did mention that you're questions the 3" in the comfort layer. For you, as primarily a back sleeper, 3" may in fact be excessive. A good starting point for a back sleeper is 2" of softer material on top of your mattress and then increasing or decreasing from there. And for your wife as a combo sleeper, it is usually wise to choose a comfort layer that is a little thinner than your "deepest” sleeping position would normally require (typically side sleeping) and then choose a support layer underneath that helps to sink in a little extra when you need it.

I am not sure if any of the above will prove useful to you as you move forward, but I certainly hope I've offered something here that can help.

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