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Help picking between two mattress options 09 Sep 2021 11:07 #1

I I want to buy a new Queen hybrid mattress and after much searching, online research and going to stores( Springfiled IL) to see what feels good I am deciding between two options. Which one is the better value and what is a good price point for mattresses of this build quality? Other option I should consider They both say I need to buy their base (box springs) for the full warranty

Tempur-Pedic Medium Hybrid Adapt with Box Spring $2,100
Quilt: Premium Knit Cool to the touch cover
Comfort Layers: 1.2" Tempur-ES Comfort layer 2.5lbs and 2.0" Tempur Material 4.5lbs
Bottom Upholstery(below comfort layers)
2" Base layer 1.6lb
All foam layers are CertiPur certified
Pocketed coils, individually wrapped 16.5 Gauge Steel 1160 count for queen
Full perimeter foam encasement Twice tempered steel

Verlo V9 Hyrbid with Boxspring $2,100
Quilt: ?
Comfort Layers: 1" temperature regulating 1" 19ild Latex foam, and then the 3" of 4LB gel memory foam.
Pocketed coils, individually wrapped 8” 14.5 gauge 1057 count for queen. On top if that is a Second 1” spring unit 1470Micro-Coil unit. On top of that is a 1" 1.5 density 17ild
Base layer-1.8 density 35ILD poly foam -1” (?)
Edge Foam 1.8 density 60ILD foam

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Help picking between two mattress options 10 Sep 2021 18:43 #2

Hi Nickel.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :)

Assuming you are within a normal BMI, and cross referencing these specifications with our Mattress Durability Guidelines , I would say that these mattresses are relatively similar in terms of durability.

Both have layers that skate just above our minimum recommendation of 1.5 lb density for polyfoam, but both also have high density components lending themselves to the useful life of a mattress as well.

I can't really tell you which is the better value, as this already gray area becomes more gray when proprietary foams are involved. And, of course, value in and of itself can be somewhat subjective depending on what different people look for and enjoy in a mattress. I would say, though, that this price point is fairly competitive and if you look at a similar build from one of our Trusted Members is in that same ballpark of price when including a base. Another option you might wish to look into is this one .

Also (and you'll see me say this to just about everyone) it is important to have a detailed conversation with whomever you choose to purchase from and provide them with your stats, body type, sleeping styles, general preferences and history, some general information about your current mattress, or what you have tested, and any other specific information or circumstances that could affect your choice of a mattress so they can help you choose which may be your best fit from their inventory.

I hope this helps!
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