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DIY Latex Stomach Sleeper Configuration 21 Jul 2021 15:53 #1

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***Reposting this with a new title to help a stomach sleeper like me spot it.

So, I would like to update with the final results of my DIY journey in case it helps out another stomach sleeper.

160 lbs, 5'8, athletic build
85% stomach 15% side

Layers at my Disposal:
3" dunlop firm (46 ild)
3" dunlop firm (46)
3" dunlop medium (34)
3" talalay soft (19)
1" dunlop soft (20)

All dunlop from Sleep on Latex, and talalay from Latex Mattress Factory.

I have a cotton ticking with enough stretch to accommodate 9-11 inches of latex easily. Worth noting that I tried most of these configurations with and without ticking. Sometimes in lieu of ticking I used an extra fitted sheet.

Bed frame is one of those ubiquitous steel wire frames, but with high quality 3/4 inch thick pine plywood on top (rounded the edges, and drilled 1 cm holes in it to promote airflow).

1st Configuration
F/M/S, dunlop/dunlop/talalay, all 3 inch.
This seemed great at first, but caused lower back pain within a week from too much sinking of the hips. The S talalay was great for stomach sleeping without a head pillow.

2nd Configuration
M/F/S, dunlop/dunlop/talalay, all 3 inch
My first attempt to firm up the mattress and prevent hips sinking too much and low back pain. Seemed to work at first, but before 2 weeks... tossing and turning with low back pain again.

3rd Configuration
F/M dunlop/dunlop, all 3 inch
Here I confronted the idea that my brain doesnt know what is good for my body and abandoned softness; an attempt to prove to myself that it WAS too much sinking/softness causing my low back pain. This was truly firm, too firm. BUT it solved the low back pain which was a HUGE WIN. It also caused arms and hands to fall asleep in the middle of the night. Also M is a bit firm to go without a head pillow.

4th Configuration
F/F/S, dunop/dunlop/talalay, all 3 inch
I bought another F layer in an attempt to reincorprate the 3 inch talalay (because I love the feel) and prevent too much sinking. This too seemed to be the solution for nearly 2 weeks before the low back pain returned. At this point I was ready to abandon the 3" soft talalay and couldnt really see a way to effectively use it.

5th Configuration
F/F/M, all dunlop, all 3"
An attempt to improve upon 3rd Configuration. Another 3 inches of F on the bottom would certainly provide more softness and give, but not too much. I was afraid to It also solved the problem of bottoming out from the 6 inch total depth of configuration 3. I slept on this configuration for well over a month, backpain free. I slept well too, for the most part. However, the firmness here really discouraged side sleeping almost altogether, and occasionally if I put my arms or hands in certain places, the firmness of the mattress might cause them to fall asleep. Also, 34 ild dunlop M is firmer than I like on my face when I prefer to go without a head pillow. This was just a bit too firm.

6th Configuration
F/F/M/S, all dunlop, 3/3/3/1*
*S layer on top of ticking, the rest inside.
I wanted just a bit more softness from 5th configuration, and felt confident that my F/F/M was already working well, but needed slight improvement. I was terrified to add 2 " S on top, for fear of reintroducing sinking hips and backpain. I thought about 2 inch medium as well, but had the dual fear that it may cause too much hip sink/backpain as well AND not give the touch of plush that I wanted. So I went looking for 1 inch toppers, of which there seems to not be many available? I might have gone with a 1 inch talalay, but saw few options, and by this point after sleeping on M dunlop for so long, was convinced that I liked the feel of dunlop well enough and a soft version would probably be soft enough.

Voila, this did the trick.
Amazing feel for stomach sleeping! Just enough surface plush to feel soft and promote stomach sleeping without a head pillow, just enough compliance for side sleeping, and no problems with arms, hands falling asleep.

Thoughts I've had along the way...
I might've solved my problem in a different way if I had realized that 3" S talalay is just too much soft for stomach sleeping and abandoned it earlier. It might have been that 2" S talalay in my original F/M/S configuration would have worked well. Also, I've wondered here and there along that way if 46 ild dunlop maybe is bordering on extra firm, and 34 ild medium is more like medium-firm. These things aside, I really love the feel the dunlop gives in my final configuration. It evokes the feel of sleeping on soft earth with this amazing solidity beneath the surface.

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DIY Latex Stomach Sleeper Configuration 23 Jul 2021 22:45 #2

  • phoenix
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Hi Sillofshade.

Congratulations on a successful and rewarding prone sleeper DIY! :lol:

Thank you for your very clear, well-organized empiric data, and the analysis of each of the DIY configurations you tried. An impressive blending of intuition and material stats. You’ve certainly done a great deal of research and connected the dots.

Many stomach sleepers will surely benefit from your DIY experiences during your 2+ months of trials and fine-tuning. Your post is helpful and it will surely get a bit of attention. Over time you may get a few questions as well, so I am hoping you already subscribed to your own thread to receive system notifications when someone replies.

It evokes the feel of sleeping on soft earth with this amazing solidity beneath the surface.

Given the appropriate configuration, this is one of the best descriptions of the "feel of Dunlop" I came across. ;)
Good to hear that you enjoy the Dunlop layers purchased from one of our Trusted members Sleep On Latex

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