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Gardner Mattress 17 Jul 2021 08:50 #1

This is a review of a Queen Gardner Mattress that we have had for exactly 6 months.

We purchased the ORGANIC ERGO mattress but were debating, at the time, between it and a Kingsdown mattress (A Chardonnay Select, I think). In general, I always convince myself that I love plush soft mattresses but my body and my back suffers quite a bit after getting up after a night of sleep... so we were ready for a firm mattress.

After doing some research on this site and others, we decided that there was a good chance that the Kingsdown would, in time, have its materials deteriorate and wear out. In the showroom it was a nice combination of supportive and plush, but I did not feel that it was likely to be a sustainable mattress in the long run. There was also something about the substantial price reductions that the salesman was happy to offer that was a little suspect. :)

At Gardner Mattress, in Woburn, we found that the Organic Ergo mattress offered a very different combination of 'firmness' and. 'softness' -- I felt as though it was relying on great construction and craftsmanship more than layers and layers of foams and materials. It was incredibly supportive and resilient, with a great give to the body. It uses simple, natural materials. We opted for the version with a higher percentage of wool in the top layer, I believe. It is a hand-tufted, pocketed coil spring mattress.
We also decided to get the flex box spring (more on this later) instead of the standard box spring. In the showroom, it felt as though it allowed for a bit more give for the body.

When the mattress arrived, delivery was great. The mattress, the first few nights, felt very, very compact and hard... but I would wake up with the body feeling good. We eventually tried to add a layer or two under the sheet--simple cotton mattress pads, etc.--but there was a sense that the mattress might have been far more firm than we were comfortable with -- that it was not comfortable enough, but was really having a great positive effect on my body and back.

Then, two things happened:
1. I understood something about the boxspring. 2. The mattress truly began to open up and become more comfortable.
First, the boxspring. I discovered that -- on our bedframe at least, which is a four poster with three lateral metal support stands, the boxspring (which, in the 'flex' version, has coils) was flexing unevenly. Essentially, it was being very well-supported on the outer perimeter of the frame but, near the center of the bed, was flexing more. This seemed to create a subtle dip in the middle of the box spring that affected the mattress above -- I believe that it actually made the mattress a little harder, simply because it created a concave shape that made the coils on the mattress above work in a way that was not purely vertical. Gardner was happy to replace the boxspring for us for free with a standard one and, for me, it made a big difference. The mattress felt livelier, even softer, with consistent, even support at its base. I think that since the mattress in our case is for two people, having a very solid support at the middle of the bed is especially important. Perhaps if your ped frame is different, these observations may not apply.
Second, the mattress. It truly, truly became wonderfully comfortable. I strongly recommend being aware that it might feel a bit too hard in the first week or so. However, if you do use a light cotton topper like we did, make sure to take it off (!) after a few weeks-- the actual mattress top layers are far more soft and well-made than anything you will buy. And definitely do not bother with any foam toppers. We are turning / flipping the mattress every 3 months.

This mattress is, truly, an amazing thing. Beautifully comfortable, resilient, supportive, with no 'dip' in the middle for two people, it has really been a help for our bodies and our quality of sleep. Every time we travel we are so grateful to come back to our bed.
I would recommend the non-flex boxspring, personally. In the showroom, the flex boxspring is displayed in a 'half-size' (with the regular one making up the other half) -- the idea is that on the same mattress you can compare the difference on the left and right sides. However, these are both on a solid surface (not a bedframe, I believe) and since the flex boxspring is smaller in width there (taking up half the mattress) there is less of a chance of feeling a more 'give' in the middle.
I would strongly, strongly recommend the Organic Ergo mattress.
My sense is that some people might be turned off by the word 'organic', thinking that it means 'needlessly expensive'... but here I really believe it is just a question of using natural, traditional mattress materials instead of synthetic foams that do not do well with temperature (in either summer or winter) + fall apart and deteriorate over time. High quality wool and cotton are a good choice in New England and probably everywhere else as well.

Happy to take any questions if anyone has one! Do note that Gardner is one of the shops that as a 'trusted member' accept a 10% discount if you mention the Mattress Underground website.

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Gardner Mattress 17 Jul 2021 14:37 #2

Hi Alonso.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience and overall review of your new Gardner mattress! We're so happy to hear you had a great customer service and shopping experience, and even more happy to hear that you are experience comfortable, supportive, quality sleep on your new mattress.

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