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Custom vs Ghostbed 02 Feb 2021 09:38 #1

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Hi, I am lucky enough to have a custom mattress store right around the corner for Ghostbed's showroom in Fort Lauderdale. I'm comparing the set up of two mattresses and I'm not sure if there are any quality pluses or minuses. The custom store is "comfort custom mattresses and marine bedding" which I had seen referenced on these forums previously.

The biggest differences I see are:
1)Ghostbed uses a "swirl gel memory foam" and the custom places uses a solid gel memory foam.
2)The custom mattress also uses a stitched on cover, whereas ghostbed is zip on... The custom place said that its not washable so stitched on is a better way to do it?
3) Ghostbed uses syntetic latex (i.e. Ghostbounce) where custom will uses natural

The custom place can tweak the setup however we like for a cost about $300 more out the door compared to ghostbed. Price is NOT a concern, so I want the better product. I'm not looking for help on feel, just consideration of quality/longevity of the product

Custom setup looking at:
4" of 4.3 lb memory foam (solid not swirl)
1" natural latex 32 ild (or could go 2" with likely 1 less inch of memory foam)
3" hd foam 2 lb 30 compression
variable amount of 2 lb 50 compression to determine total height

The ghostbed appears to be
1.5" of a "quilted cooling cover" with foam in the cover itself????
2" 4 lb gel swirl memory foam
2" SYNTHETIC latex
7.5" 2 lb HD polyfoam

Thanks for any thoughts in advance!

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Custom vs Ghostbed 05 Feb 2021 08:26 #2

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Hey Spen55,

Thanks for your question on the forum :) !

My apologies on the delayed response as I see from post #1 , you have already purchased your new mattress. Let us know how things go with your new custom mattress voyage goes after an initial sleep trial period has passed on congrats :)!

Sensei(@ TMU Team)
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