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CBH Wood Furniture~ The Mattress Underground (TMU) New Trusted Member 06 Jan 2020 11:20 #21

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Hi swilkes,
we can certainly split them in the middle and it will probably work fine but the only thing that I cannot confirm for certain is that the mattresses won't damage each other a little bit over time. I have only tested this for about a month and the mattresses looked fine but I don't know for sure what it would be like over years).

Just to give you an idea of what this mattress looks like when you get it: We package it in a burlap bag (if you look us up on Instagram or Facebook we post pictures from time to time what a full bed package up looks like). That means that you don;t actually need to carry that bag, you can also drag it. Also when they deliver the bed, you normally have 30min unloading time, and it only take the driver 1 minute or two to do that, so he is not in a rush. You can always offer the driver a few dollars to help you carry the mattress. Most will probably do that.

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