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Need to Exchange Painful Mattress from Jordan's 01 Feb 2019 14:41 #1

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Hi Mattress Underground,

Thank goodness this site exists. My boyfriend and I just bought our first mattress from Jordan's (a Beautyrest Sonoma Silver Plush). He likes it but I really, truly hate it. The first week we had it, I woke up every day at 5 am with neck and upper back pain. I slept on our guest bed for the weekend and the pain went away, but trying the new mattress for a second time this week, I now have lower pack stiffness and am back to waking up before sunrise.

All of this is to say, like a couple of other people on here who also shopped at Jordan's, I am able to exchange the mattress, but I am feeling a bit burned and want to come in prepared when I am finally able to exchange it (we only get one more shot). Part of the problem is that I have no idea how to gauge whether a mattress will be comfortable based on five minutes lying on it at a store. Worse is the fact that I can't identify what the problem with the current mattress is. Do you have any inkling as to whether it sounds like it might be too soft or too hard? It feels like I am sinking in quite far but it is also fairly hard. I slept well on my old pillow top, which was fairly soft and also pretty well on my boyfriend's (also a pillow top innerspring?) which was harder (and I didn't sink into it).

According to the website, the Beautyrest Sonoma Plush is an innerspring mattress with foam on top. Is it possible that this is the first foam-topped mattress I've slept on and that is why it feels so different? Are they fairly new? Are there any alternatives? Looking through Jordan's options, it looks like all of my choices under $1000 have at least some foam. Should I be looking for "pillow tops"? Are there other keywords to use?

Finally, is there anything in particular that you'd recommend from Jordan's? The best I could find with my limited knowledge looked like the Jordan's Fresno line, Jordan's "Esperance," or other iterations of the Beautyrest like the Vinedale or the Shaded Brook (though I am feeling more than a little betrayed by those right now)


For reference, I would say that I prefer softer mattresses and my boyfriend prefers firmer so we would probably want something in the middle. He is 6'2" and 165 lbs, I am 5'7" and 135 lbs. I sleep on my side and stomach and (very happily) move around quite a bit. He mostly sleeps on his stomach but also sometimes on his side.

Many, many thanks and please let me know where I can send letters of gratitude!


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Need to Exchange Painful Mattress from Jordan's 06 Feb 2019 06:59 #2

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Hi kaw2168,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :).

I am so sorry about the mattress from Jordan's Furniture, and waking up with back and neck pain. That is the worse, happens to me all the time in hotel beds...ugh!

Generally speaking, back issues / problems come from the mattress being too soft, but there are so many "it depends" factors that one can never say for sure. Here is summary Phoenix posted in the past:

Lower back issues generally come from a mattress that has upper layers that are too thick and soft and/or support layers which are too soft which can allow the pelvis to sink down too far relative to the rest of the body. This tilts the pelvis which changes the natural curve of the Lumbar spine and can lead to lower back issues. A mattress that is too soft can also allow the hips to sink down too far which flexes the hip joints out of their neutral position which can also lead to joint soreness or back soreness if the muscles are working to keep the back and hips in alignment.

In some cases a mattress that is too firm can also cause lower back issues because the body doesn't sink in far enough to fill in the gaps in the small of the back and/or the waist (depending on the sleeping position) and the recessed curves of the back can sag. Finally if a mattress is too firm and there are pressure points on the hips (for side sleepers especially) then you may "twist" the lower body away from pressure which twists the spine and and puts it out of rotational alignment which can also cause back discomfort or pain in the area where the spine is twisted.

In most cases ... lower back issues come from comfort layers that are too thick and soft and/or support layers that are too soft which can both allow the pelvis to sink down too far and put the lumbar spine out of alignment but this diagram can give you some idea of how mattresses that are too soft or too firm can both lead to alignment issues and back pain or discomfort.

Mid and upper back issues can also come from several sources. In the case of the upper body then good horizontal alignment is important but lateral (side to side) alignment is also important. For example, if you bend your head and neck forward towards your stomach and bend the upper body forward into a forward hunched position then it can bend the upper spine and create tension and pain in the mid and upper back. This can happen during the night if your pillow is too high for example and pushes your head forward when you sleep on your back. It can also happen if the upper layers are too thick and soft.

In the same way ... if you push your arms and shoulders forward into a forward slouched position then it can also create tension and soreness in your mid or upper back. This can come from a mattress that has comfort layers that are too thick and/or soft and allows your torso to sink in a little too far but "holds up" the lighter shoulders (pushing them forward).

In both cases your muscles will be tense and working throughout the night to maintain alignment.

Upper back issues can also point to a pillow that is either too high or too low for your body type or sleeping position and doesn't maintain the gap between your head and the mattress and keep your head and neck if good alignment over the course of the night which can affect the upper back as well.

Many innerspring mattresses have foam on top, but possibly this innerspring mattress has more foam especially when I look at the specs (some products have specs on Jordan's site and some do not):

Quilt: Stretch Knit Cover
DualCool Technology Fiber
with Essence of Silver 1oz
1.25" AirFeel foam 1LB
3/4" Gel Touch foam 1.2LB
Comfort Layers: 1" Comfort foam 1.2LB
1/2" Gel Memory foam 2.8LB
BackCare Support System (center 3rd)
Bottom Upholstery (Below innerspring)
1.5" Energy Foam 1.2LB
Support System: Individually Pocketed Coils
Single Sided Sleep Surface
815 Coil Density
T/465 F/647 Q/815 K/1117 Pre-edge
15.5 gauge steel
4" Full perimeter foam encasement
Power Base Compatible

My initial comments are, reminds me of mattress companies trying to complicate things, as their are alot of "stuff" in this mattress. Two inches of foam in the quilt, which is alot, and would be pretty soft to go through quilting macines, and then 3 more inches in the comfort layers. Thats 5", no ild's listed but a good gauge to use to get something a little firmer, but not too firm.

Regarding what you should try, first thing is a little more preparation before going into Jordans. As mentioned here Jordans on their website does not list their detailed specifications so it's not as easy. I think a good place to start is the private label "Jordans" beds you mentioned. These are made by the same manufacturers as many of the other beds, and they do not come "loaded" with the same marketing costs. May get better "value" on your particular budget. I really don't want to say if some are better then others.

When in the store please try as best as you can do use these 5 steps.

Of course, we always recommend the mattress shopping tutorial but some of this may not be relevant to you as you are constrained to the Jordans replacement.

Also, another suggestion, discussed in some of the articles, go multiple times, and try everything...yes I get it NE traffic, and Jordans locations, etc etc...but it will be worth it. Also maybe try a different Jordans location and see if any other information can be learned. Take more time and don't feel pressured to find replacement first time back. Jordans is an amazing retailer and they really do have very knowledgable people, especially compared to many other retailers, but it is still overwhelming. Let us know how it works out.

Sensei(@ TMU Team)
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