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Mattress Decision Advice/Composition Suggestion & Component Sourcing 30 Jan 2019 12:26 #1

Long time reader, first time caller!

I and my significant other are looking for hopefully our last mattress. Our search starts mainly due to nerve pain in my lower back and legs that has developed over the past two years, as well as my significant other's off & on shoulder/upper body pain.

A bit about us: I'm late 30's, 5'8", 145lbs; she's late 20's, 5'0", 115lbs. I work a few hours in the morning from home at my desk, followed by 8+ hours in the evening in a restaurant; she works about 8+ hours at a desk job. We live in the Bay Area and both commute via walking/subway, about a mile walking RT, I walk another 2 miles while at work.

We are both primarily side sleepers(60-70%), with the rest on our back, and very occasionally stomach sleepers. I sometimes use a latex pillow to elevate my legs when first lying in bed, but then usually wind up on my side. If my knees or legs are really bothering me, I will lay on my stomach until the pain subsides-- seems as tho the pain comes from a pinched nerve near my tailbone/lower back, which then causes pain in my extremities, mostly my legs. She experiences occasional shoulder pain, mostly dependent on sleep position, but also mattress/pillow type, likely from a nerve impingement in her neck, caused by a sports injury years ago. We've both fairly fit, and have visited various Dr's, done PT, and exercise somewhat regularly to try to deal with these issues.

We've also tried a rollercoaster of mattresses in the past year or so in search of a solution:

-When I first met my SO three years ago, I had an Ikea innerspring mattress that was supposedly their best mattress. I owned it for approximately six years, it was fine, if uneventful, up until the pain began. We then tried a series of beds-in-a-box before wising up that they are mostly overhyped marketing: a T&N, a Purple, and a in-house hybrid model from Urban Mattress, called the 'Uptown'. All were varying levels of terrible and seemed to aggravate my point pressure sensitivity and pain more, until we did some actual research and discovered...

-Latex! Between here and SleepLikeTheDead, all-latex seemed the best option considering my point pressure sensitivity. Visited Savvy Rest for a test, and talalay latex seemed like a promising solution(not their pricing tho-- whoooa!). Upon learning that Talalay Global is the only large scale manufacturer of talalay, we sought out a more affordable manufacturer that utilized their components, which led us to FloBeds.com, a quick 3hr scenic drive away. Opted for their vZone model, three layers of varying ILD's of solid talalay, as well as a layer of convoluted talalay topper as well as a 3" wool topper, for even less point pressure. This mattress was fairly close to what we are looking for, but just a touch too soft, and not lively enough, we seemed to need something with some 'bounce', returned at three months.

-Deciding that latex was the path, but springs were part of that combo, we went through a series of latex/innerspring hybrids that we thought would be our goldilocks, in order: Avocado(a touch too firm, 2" of D65, 1" of D65, all dunlop; L&P QuantumEdge base), Nest Hybrid Latex(too soft, 3" talalay 24ILD over L&P CaliberEdge, followed by a swap to 36ILD, which was too firm, but was very supportive), and now the Brentwood Home Cedar(2" D65 dunlop, 2" D65 grooved Dunlop over a L&P QuantumEdge base-- we later learned that this is made in the same facility as the Avocado, from similar components). This last one seems to be the closest we've gotten, but it's still not perfect-- my back and butt seem to be missing some support, which seem to be pushing pain out into my legs.

So, at this point, I feel pretty much like I have to go custom, which leads me to two options:

1: There's a guy locally who has a relationship with Costco, selling Reverie roadshow demo and backstock mattress for what is a unusually good deal-- their Dream Supreme 8x Mattress, and 8X adjustable base, for a shade over $1k. This appeals to us, because it gives us the option to try a few different configurations of their Dreamcell foam 'springs' to try and get the right firmness, and we also get a great adjustable base for a good price, which is something we want long-term anyways. OTOH, we're also concerned that the lack of traditional springs may make this bed feel less lively, like the FloBed. Worst case scenario, we buy the set, don't care for the mattress, sell it on craigslist for a few hundred, and now we have a really nice adjustable base for a pretty good price.

2: Go full DIY, either via whomever the community recommends. This is where I would ask for some recommendations as far as composition(and sourcing), but my rough sandwich idea is this, top to bottom:
1" or 2" 28 ILD convoluted latex top layer --- for point pressure relief(apparently this feels more like a 14 ILD-- I have no idea where to get this)
1" or 2" 25-29 ILD latex core -- for transitional support
3" 30-34 ILD latex core -- for firm support
8" Leggett & Platt QuantumEdge Combi-Zone --- for flex and livelyness
wrapped in a bamboo & wool cover, and we may use our 3" wool topper on top for more point pressure uniformity.

My idea here is that I want a good spring system with good edge support, with very firm back support, transitioning into a point pressure relieving top layer, while retaining compatibility with an adjustable base. I realize this mattress will be tall, so ideas on how to reduce height without losing effectiveness are also welcome.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and I'd love to hear the underground's thoughts on what route we should take, as well as mattress composition, and component sourcing!

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Mattress Decision Advice/Composition Suggestion & Component Sourcing 30 Jan 2019 12:50 #2

Thank you for your questions. Based on all the info at this point it simply comes down to what works for you. The Costco idea is good just know that everything with that Reverie setup is made in China to the best of my knowledge. If the mattress doesn't work you can sell it and start with a DIY build in which we have all the components you would need other than convoluted latex which I will never sell due to decreased durability. My advice is to start with the Combizone spring, 3" 30-34 and the 2" 25-29. Make the final layer decision based on feedback from how this sleeps which I can help you with. You can find all these components on our website - www.mattresses.net/diylamaco.html

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60 Days in & Mattress still feels nothing like the store 13 Mar 2019 23:20 #3

I know Serta is not well-regarded here & honestly I am leaving the country in a year - so I mind that it won't hold up. I purchased a Serta iSeries hybrid 300 from Mattress Firm & had it delivered at the end of December. It feels absolutely nothing like the one in the store. For a month, they kept insisting that I "break it in" and because "I am single and bought a Cal King," so it could take "months to break in." Well, thanks for evaluating my personal life, but it hasn't changed whatsoever in 70 days.

They have sold 100s of these, and only one time something like this happened (where they exchanged it for the same model and the customer was happy - after complaining for a month).

So, they are going to exchange it for another mattress of the same type and size on Friday, but I am afraid it's going to happen all over again because we have no idea why it is like this. So, I am curious to ask people here if you have any ideas & if I should return it rather than exchange it for the same thing. It is more firm than the one in the same series that is considered "firm." I tested it in 4 separate showrooms, and it's also extremely similar to the bed in the Bellagio hotel (in the showroom - not the one I got). Serta makes their beds as well.

I have no clue why this happened but my thoughts are maybe due to the fact it was a Cal King and they could've used the wrong materials or specs when it was made, on Dec 28, which is also right between xmas and new years and they might not have had capacity and were taking shortcuts or distracted. Who knows.

They happened to have a meeting with the rep from serta & mentioned this. She said a lot of things that don't make sense like I still haven't broken it in, I am experiencing the "showroom effect," and so on. My salesperson asked if they could've used specs that were supposed to go to Macy's or somewhere else and the rep admitted the same exact mattresses go to Macy's and many other places - just with different covers.

Has this happened to anyone else or do you have any ideas about what is going on? I don't want this saga to drag out forever so I might just return it altogether (and returning to Mattress Firm is harder than cancelling AOL in the 90s... but that's another story). Thanks.

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60 Days in & Mattress still feels nothing like the store 14 Mar 2019 04:56 #4

If the issue is being too firm and thought to possibly be a break in issue, ask whether it would be acceptable and not void your warranty to "walk" the mattress. I had a similar situation with a Nest Bedding mattress which felt so much firmer than their showroom display that I was sure they must have mislabeled it in manufacturing. They suggested that I either walk on it or crawl over the entire mattress surface in small steps, and repeat three or four times. Said they have to do this with all of their showroom models and it helps to break in and soften some of the foam layers. It made a huge difference and the mattress then felt like the one in their store. If they say it would be ok give it a shot, it might make the difference you're looking for and you could avoid making an exchange.

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60 Days in & Mattress still feels nothing like the store 14 Mar 2019 10:17 #5

I think this should be posted in the main forum instead of here. Questions about latex mattresses are posted here. You will get more feedback on the main forum.

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60 Days in & Mattress still feels nothing like the store 14 Mar 2019 13:53 #6

Thanks Sweet Dreams, I did that a few times but it didn't make much of a difference.

I posted in this subforum by accident. Is there a way I can move it?

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60 Days in & Mattress still feels nothing like the store 14 Mar 2019 14:42 #7

I think only an administrator can move posts to another forum.

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60 Days in & Mattress still feels nothing like the store 14 Mar 2019 15:10 #8

I asked admin to move it for you.

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60 Days in & Mattress still feels nothing like the store 16 Mar 2019 01:12 #9

Arizona Premium, sorry I wrote this in your mattress forum. I used this website a year ago & never had an issue posting & seriously cannot figure out why I can't ask anything in the regular forum anymore....particularly about SSB products (and their ills), since this site is mostly dedicated towards better manufacturers, even more now.

Anyway, if anyone stumbles across this on google or whatever, mattress Firm sent another Serta iComfort 500 cushion firm today & it is completely different from my original one and exactly like the store. They botched something pretty bad. I wonder if that's even legal to do with the tag saying that it contains certain materials in certain percents (which it likely did not contain in those percentages given how bizarre it felt). I was so uncomfortable for 2.5 months & wasted hours going to 3 separate mattress firm stores to test it out & more hours convincing the salesperson to do an exchange... all due to their mistake, but Serta just walks away from it.

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60 Days in & Mattress still feels nothing like the store 17 Mar 2019 12:04 #10

Hi aboutabed10,

How are you? Sorry about the confusion about where to post, we are doing some administrative updates on the thread management, I moved post to one of the General Mattress Questions subthreads.

That said thank you for posting this unfortunate situation regarding your Serta mattress purchased around Chrismas time. It really interesting, because many consumers face this issue as the mattress many many times feel differently when they get home, really a common occurrence for a variety of reasons, Which explains the people on the phone just repeating the same line over and over again. I am not saying this happens every time, but floor samples are laid on 100's and 100"s of times, and shipped mattress have been laid on zero times.

But clearly you knew this was different, but it's like no one could really listen. I can see easily why it played out this way. Well done in staying with it, because you were right with the new arrival, which I am so glad it really was some kind of "screw up" at the manufacturing plant.

Knowing a fair amount about this part of the industry, there are a number of factors, most of these process-oriented, i.e. production scheduling, labeling, quality systems, etc, etc that are probably at the root cause of this type of situation....which is clearly the "wrong mattress" or "wrong components" in the mattress were shipped.

Although I know no facts about this factory or anything about the manufacturing of the first delivery you received. I do know that probability of "what happened" is much more likely issue/mistake/problem that is less about Serta doing something illegal, and more about the overall control of the quality system. The specifics we will never know, of course.

I am happy the mattress feels like it is supposed to.

Oh my I loved reading...."canceling AOL in the 90's" I totally know exactly what you are talking about, I think we may have just aged ourselves!!!!

Sensei(@ TMU Team)
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