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Big thumbs up: Matelas Prestige (St-Eustache, Quebec) 25 Aug 2016 05:59 #1

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In a way that is likely similar for most folks who end up here (they want to make an educated purchase, or they got burnt and want to n0w make an educated guess - I am the later case), I ended up researching mattresses more solidly after having a Zedbed mattress last me a whopping 4 years before suffering from ridiculous levels of sagging. Taking it upon myself to ensure that mistake wouldn't cost me again in what I deem too early for a mattress's life, I eventually stumbled on this forum and started reading a whole lot of content on mattress quality, reviews, etc...

I'm attaching a picture of my "defunct' Zedbed mattress for everyone to see what they put in their mattresses and just how serious you have to insist on learning what is in the mattress you are buying. To me, this has become a situation equivalent to knowing what is in the food I eat. As this forum and its administrator seem to drive home to just about anyone who inquires: brand/marketing/website/warm-fuzzies are irrelevant - you need the full description of each layer in the mattress you buy. That is evidently not something Zedbed is currently highly forthcoming with on their website, even today in this age of enlightened internet users.

So I did as is also recommended on this forum: I avoided the commercial mattress and those places that aren't very forthcoming about materials and went to the shop where I had my RV mattress remade, which was Matelas Prestige, where I knew the owner works in the shop in the back assembling orders with his workers, where I knew they took the time to care and explain what you were getting in your mattress. A regional mattress store, rather than a marketing/sales oriented store/chain. And yeah, I went over to Essentia. Overpriced for what are unfounded claims as this forum attests to.

Here are the reasons you really want to deal with them, or any shop that assembles mattress onsite with materials you get to pick:
1) They have all the mattress components on a bench. 1.6/2.2/2.7/4.0/ etc Poly blocks, where they instruct you how softness has nothing to do with density by showing you how they are all the same softness, and yet the blocks have a different weight to them. They have Talanay and Dunlop latex blocks. They stated they dont use Latex that has petroleum based additives to them, which made sense according to this site's info.
2) They have a bunch of mattresses assembled with various arrangements of materials: support, comfort, pillow tops, etc...
3) You try them out and they attempt to help you figure out what you need but they just insist that it really is up to you with regards to comfort. No pushing.

And here's the really cool part about these guys: the layers aren't glued and you are actually meant to open the mattress once in while because they split the support Poly 2.2 layer (this is also meant to be good quality) in 3 pieces and ask you to rotate them once a year to change which piece is in the middle of the mattress. It also means that whatever might not work out for you with the support or comfort layer, you can just change either within 30 days with a 15% service charge on the actual layer's cost, or later on if damage occurs or you dont feel good about the comfort WITHOUT throwing out the whole thing. This is both ecologically sound, and just overall nice that you can customize and "fix" the mattress later on.

So I ordered a 6.5 inch 2.2 firm density support layer with a dunlop 3" layer comfort layer and a pillow-top organic cotton. For 1500$ tax-in, delivery included, this feels right. I looked at all the only options and in the end, the ability for me to fix the mattress in the future made enormous sense and justified what little extra I might have paid over other options. Certainly a much better deal than Essentia.

Its a shame the average populace doesn't take the time to go to these little mattress places. Never ever will I buy another mattress in a large chain/from a large manufacturer where I dont have utmost clarify of what the components are.


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Big thumbs up: Matelas Prestige (St-Eustache, Quebec) 25 Aug 2016 08:36 #2

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Hi matn1,

Thanks for taking the time to share such detailed and insightful comments and feedback ... I appreciate it.

Your comments certainly confirm that you have taken the information and guidelines on this site to heart which is great to hear.

As you know you made a great quality/value choice that includes very flexible options for the future as well ... and congratulations on your new mattress :)

I'm looking forward to any additional comments and feedback you have the chance to share once you've received it and had the chance to sleep on it for a bit.


PS: I've linked your comments to the listing for Matelas Prestige in the list for Quebec here
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