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Queen mattress actual size 23 Jun 2015 09:13 #1

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I recently bought the Emily pillow top from Quality Sleep Shop. It's been the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in. I did measure it recently because it seemed like it was a little small in the bed frame. The mattress measured 58" x 79". I read that a queen is 60 x 80. Is it normal for the mattress to be two inches shorted in width? I measured my parents old school coil mattress and it is 60x79 and fits snuggly in a platform bed frame. I'm also wondering if maybe the mattress will get a bit flatter/wider with age or if ti's due to being a pillow top mattress. Any ideas?

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Queen mattress actual size 23 Jun 2015 12:40 #2

  • phoenix
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Hi gregeet,

The ISPA (International Sleep Products Association) standard sizing for mattresses are as follows:

Twin38 x 74½
Twin Extra Long38 x 79½
Full53 x 74½
Full Extra Long53 x 79½
Queen60 x 79½
Eastern King76 x 79½
California King72 x 83½

Even though these are the "standard" sizes for ISPA ... there can still be some variation between the "standard" sizing made by different manufacturers in the industry and for example Sealy's sizing is a little bit different from the ISPA standard. With soft goods like mattresses there can also be variations between different mattresses as well (normally in the range of a +/- 1" variation from their standard sizing) depending on the dimensions of the materials when they are cut (there can be some variance with cutting flexible materials) and the components they use in their mattresses and on the thickness of the cover that encloses them (a cover that is 1/2" thicker or thinner for example would change the length and width of the mattress by 1").
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If a mattress is roll packed it can also take up to 72 hours to expand to its full size (it can sometimes take longer for a mattress that uses higher density materials, has been compressed for longer periods of time, or in colder climates).

It can also vary based on how you are measuring the mattress because a tight cover can compress and "pull in" the material inside the cover so the dimensions that you measure across the top surface from corner to corner can be different from the dimensions of the mattress across the widest part of the side panels on each side of the mattress (using a vertical straight edge against each side of the mattress at the widest part and measuring the distance between them). It can also depend on how the mattress is lying on the foundation because a mattress can also be "stretched" or "compressed" to some degree and if you lift and pull the sides or the ends it can often become a little longer or wider once the materials in the mattress are more relaxed.

Once a cover loses some of it's initial stiffness and tightness and doesn't enclose the materials inside quite as tightly the dimensions of the mattress can also change slightly over time.

If you have followed any applicable suggestions and measured the mattress at it's widest points and your mattress is outside of a normal tolerance and you have any concerns then I would call the manufacturer to confirm whether the dimensions are inside the dimensional range and tolerance that they would consider to be standard for their mattresses and of course if it isn't then they would let you know what to do to replace it with a mattress that is inside their dimensional spec tolerance.

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