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Bi-layer Latex matress idea with soft then firm? (2 inches each) 11 Mar 2015 12:08 #1

I am a big 300lb guy (which favors memory foam, think football lineman) with a bad back (which favors latex). My wife prefers firmer beds and so does my lower back, but my shoulder prefer deeper softer beds (to a point). I really like the feel of 2 inches of softer layer over a harder layer, because I think in promotes better circulation in my extermities (I wake up with fewer pins and needdles for example).

So I am considering creative and custom options. I know I need at least 12 inches with my weight.

One option I thought of to make both me and the wife happy was a using two 2 inch Latex top layers, with 2 different harness levels, so for example the top 2" would be medium (say a 6) and the bottom 2" firmer (say a 4). My wife being lighter would feel more firmness than I would, but I would still reduce my chances of getting circulation cut off on a really firm bed. This would also "feel" more like a memory foam bed in a way (I like the feel, just my lower back doesn't).

I sleep all directions except face down.

Is this the best solution or are there better ones?

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Bi-layer Latex matress idea with soft then firm? (2 inches each) 11 Mar 2015 13:01 #2

Hi Amuzed2pieces,

If you are attracted to the idea of designing and building your own mattress out of separate components and a separate cover then the first place I would start is by reading option 3 in post #15 here and the posts it links to (and option #1 and #2 as well) so that you have more realistic expectations and that you are comfortable with the learning curve, uncertainty, trial and error, or in some cases the higher costs that may be involved in the DIY process. While it can certainly be a rewarding project ... the best approach to a DIY mattress is a "spirit of adventure" where what you learn and the satisfaction that comes from the process itself is more important than any cost savings you may realize (which may or may not happen).

If you decide to take on the challenge then I would either use the specs (if they are available) of a mattress that you have tested and confirmed is a good match for both of you in terms of PPP as a reference point (the same type and blend of latex in the same thickness and firmness levels and a very similar cover which can also make a significant difference to the feel and performance of a mattress) or use a "bottom up" approach (see post #2 here ).

While in general terms your idea can certainly work "in theory" (depending on the other layers as well) and it's one of the possibilities in the first part of post #2 here about couples that have very different body types or needs and preferences .... the only way to know whether any specific version of a more general idea will work for both of you will be based on your own personal testing or experience.

It may be worth finding and testing a mattress like the Pure Latex Bliss Nature which has a 2" soft top layer (21 ILD), a 3" medium transition layer (28 ILD), and a 6" firm support core (36 ILD) so you would have some type of reference point based on your actual experience. You can find dealers that are local to you on their retail store finder here . Testing other latex mattresses with different designs when you can find out the specifics of the design would also be useful to help you turn "theory" into meaningful real life information. If you let me know your city or zip code I'd be happy to let you know about the better options or possibilities I'm aware of in your area.

A zoned mattress may also be an option that is worth considering so that you have firmer layers under the hips/pelvis and softer layers under the shoulders. There is more about zoning in post #11 here and the article and posts it links to.

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