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GOOD REVIEWS seem to be vastly outnumbered by bad ones from disgruntled, frustrated or angry consumers. So we did our research carefully for a new mattress – not relying on reviews, but making the rounds with an open mind and spending a lot of analytical time on every type of mattress we thought might be right for us – then going back and trying it again… and again.

You pretty much get to know the salespeople on a first name basis when you do that, and in the process, you learn a lot about sales people too! Some good – and some, so predictably scripted that it's tedious to engage with them on any level, let alone actually purchase something from them.

In all of that weeks-long exercise, two things we've accomplished stand above the others:
We are convinced about the qualities and benefits of pure latex for us. I say "for us," because I truly believe there are a lot of excellent mattresses available. But they have to be excellent for YOU to be any good at all. To me, it's just like sneakers. Good, bad or in between, they either fit, or they don't!
And after all the rounds, despite having found only one review on them (and an unhappy one at that), the dealer we have opted to purchase from has been everything a buyer could ask for – informed, experienced, pleasant, accommodating and not on salesman auto pilot. In fact, we've steered clear of the big names and chosen to support a local small business. We feel good about that and I believe the owner does too. He truly values our business.

So here's how it's all come together… We have ordered a Pure Latex Bliss, Eco Queen mattress from someone who has helped guide us through a very difficult process. We've already taken possession of two other types of mattresses on a return basis and been forced to return both of them, despite how good they felt in the store. So we walked in his door a tiny bit wary. But he's been understanding and helpful. I want to mention his name here, but feel it may not be the appropriate place. But be sure, at this rate, he will be garnering a good review somewhere we can place it meaningfully.

We committed to order the mattress over two weeks ago and, speaking with the owner today, he told me that we will have to wait another two weeks for our new mattress! We're so unhappy – and so looking forward to a good night's sleep!

The problem, he tells me, is with Pure Latex Bliss – they apparently cannot get the mattress covers needed to ship an actual mattress – at least not an Eco Mattress. So our wonderful dealer can't even get floor samples to offer to other customers and we're still sleeping on a medieval rack while we anxiously wait for a substantial company to get it's supply chain worked out. We're right in Atlanta, where the company is based, and that isn't going to help.

My message here is fairly straight forward:
Do your research thoughtfully – mattress selection is something for which the consumer is so totally responsible.
Don't be too swayed by reviews, because a LOT of them are some form of vindictive garbage.
And, having found a dealer who's willing to work with you, don't be too quick to judge him for every skipped step in the process. It may not be his fault. He's selling you something you may want very badly, but he's not responsible for your selection or how late in your game you started to look for your mattress. He's still just the messenger for a good portion of what your purchasing experience will be.


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Hi gnorcrosst,

Well said ! :)

I agree with every one of the points you made and I appreciate you taking the time to share them.

Like you I don't pay a lot of attention to mattress reviews (see post #13 here ) but reviews about the knowledge, experience, and service of a business (such as your's) can be much more useful as long as they are fair and based on reasonable expectations which as you mentioned is not always the case.

I think that many consumers forget that they are the only ones that can make their "best" choice in the end and that even "expert" guidance and accurate information can only be just that ... guidance and information.

It's unfortunate that PLB is having some supply issues (even though the mattress you purchased is still fairly new to market) and I understand your disappointment. Based on what you shared I would think that your retailer is as disappointed and possibly frustrated as you are.

I want to mention his name here, but feel it may not be the appropriate place. But be sure, at this rate, he will be garnering a good review somewhere we can place it meaningfully.

You are certainly welcome to post their name here (or elsewhere) and it could benefit many people who have read the articles and guidelines here and understand that who you deal with can be one of the most important parts of a successful purchase. I believe that giving credit where it is due is always a good idea.

In any case ... thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts and insights.

Most importantly ... congratulations on the research you did and on your new mattress (even though you won't be able to sleep on it as quickly as you hoped)!

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