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Column Buckling Gel Topper 17 Feb 2014 03:21 #1

Hi all,

Love the forum. So, brass tacks... I have a Magniflex XM duoform support layer without the outlast cover (which had memofoam for comfort) ontop of the zoned support layer i have a minijumbuk wool underlay:

Its not bad. I need it to be cooler and have more pressure relieving qualities. The support it gives it great, in a year it hasnt created any body impression.

To that end, I would love to put a layer of column buckling gel for more comfort and airflow. I live in Sydney Australia and i ask all you legendary bedding peeps to help a brother out. Where can i source one?

I have tried to contact Intellibed to see if they will ship me a topper. Im waiting for a reply:

I have tried their supplier in Utah but am still waiting for a reply.

Apropos, most mattresses sold here with gel have terrible reviews online. In my research Intellibed seem to be reputable. Apart from the fact they denigrate anything with foam in it but sell toppers with foam....?

Any advice?


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Column Buckling Gel Topper 17 Feb 2014 12:40 #2

Hi Santouche,

There have been two main versions of buckling column gel ... one is Intelligel and the other is Orthogel ... but others such as Somnigel are also appearing in the market as well. They are licensed by Edizone so it may be worthwhile trying to contact them to see if there are any suppliers in Australia or any suppliers they know that would ship there.

You have already contacted Intellibed in the US but it may be worth talking to one of the licensees in Canada here who may have some suggestions.

The Nexgel (Orthogel) site is here and they may also be able to tell you how you could purchase their product in Australia.

I'm not familiar with the Australian market but if they are not available from an Australian supplier the shipping cost may be prohibitive and it may be worthwhile considering other topper alternatives.

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