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Gardner two sided innerspring tufted cotton mattress 18 Sep 2013 09:25 #1

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This is a follow-up to my earlier post. I am hoping the info will help others as they navigate the mattress buying decision.

We bought a queen-sized semi -Sacro mattress from Gardner Mattress. The mattress will be used in an infrequently used guest room and probably when my son returns from college. The total was $1,488. They removed the old mattress & box for $20.

These are the specs (a correction to my earlier post, I took a lot of notes so this list might be redundant with itself):

Queen size "Semi -sacro" two sided mattress & box spring
non-pocketed coils, hand tufted springs with cotton
3 to 4 layers of felt
2 layers of cotton
hand compressed tufted
3/4" poly-foam each side (weight 1.8lbs) (this was not easy to ascertain!)
metal gauge - 13 (I was advised this was not important, but they reinforced the edges of the mattress for no charge, which gives more strength to the edge of the bed, for when sitting & putting on shoes)

It's a firm mattress but not their firmest. We also considered their latex mattress (one-sided) but that was over $800 more. When our master mattress "wears out" (a Shifman) I will consider another Gardner Mattress.

I would be interested in feedback about what the weak links are in this mattress.

I learned a lot this time around and I am sure there was more due diligence to do. I am glad though I avoided a costly Costco & "S" brand mattress mistake! Thank you for all your help.

PS - photos from the showroom of a mattress similar to ours.

Gardner two sided innerspring tufted cotton mattress 18 Sep 2013 10:24 #2

  • phoenix
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Hi Coneflower,

It's nice to see a manufacturer that still makes a traditional two sided innerspring / box spring mattress that uses tufted cotton in the padding. This is somewhat of a lost art in today's market and they are generally only made by smaller manufacturers such as Gardner.

Normally a thin polyfoam quilting layer that is "around an inch or so" or less isn't a weak link in a mattress even if the polyfoam is lower density and I usually don't worry too much about tracking down the density of the quilting form or a single very thin layer but in your case the quilting polyfoam is 1.8 lbs which is good quality and unusual to see.

These types of mattresses are very durable ... although they are also firmer than most mattresses that use foam layers for the padding.

There are no obvious weak links in this mattress and it will last for a very long time and certainly much longer than most innerspring/polyfoam mattresses that are sold today. :)


PS: I hope you don't mind that I switched your post to its own thread so that it would be easier to find for others who are considering this mattress as well and it wasn't really connected to phase changing gel which was the topic of the other thread.
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