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HELP! I purchased a Yume mattress and just discovered this website (it has yet to be shipped) 19 Feb 2013 21:01 #1

So, i recently walked into a Mattress Firm store and going in I was looking for something that would be supportive, since I seem to have lower back issues with soft mattresses. I was originally looking at a simmons mattresses, since that was the last mattress i had and I slept pretty well on it until I moved and I had to sell it since I didn't have the resources or time to transport it to a different state. I decided to try other beds because I'm going to be using my mattress for at least 6 hours a day might as well splurge and make sure i'm comfortable. Anyway, I was lying on beds and ended up choosing a Yume mattress. I tried finding reviews of the mattress and it seems almost impossible to find anything informative. I ran into this website after the fact (i purchased the mattress last night) and i'm not sure if I made a right choice anymore.

The specs for the Yume mattress I bought are:

-Body Wave Anatomically Zoned Support Core
-360° Ventilated Comfort Layers
-2” Premium Memory Foam
- 1” Coccolat Italian Coconut Foam
-Removable, Replaceable Ultra Breathable Rayon
Cover Comes With a 20 Year Warranty

I ended up spending around $1800 for the mattress and boxspring. I have a gut feeling that is still way too expensive for what I got.

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HELP! I purchased a Yume mattress and just discovered this website (it has yet to be shipped) 20 Feb 2013 00:28 #2

Hi prakaddc,

Unfortunately the specs you listed are only generic and don't say anything about the quality of the materials in the mattress. For this you would need to know the specific density of any polyfoam and memory foam in the mattress or the type and blend of any latex along with the thickness of all the layers including the support core of the mattress.

They have a great story ... but provide no substance to validate it or make meaningful comparisons with any other mattresses.

While of course I can't tell you what to do or what your "best" options are because only you can know what is best for you ... I can tell you that there is no way I would buy a mattress where I didn't know the details and quality of all the layers and materials that were inside it so that I could make a meaningful assessment about it's quality, value, and durability and how it compared to other mattresses. I can also tell you that it would surprise me if they were both willing and able to provide you with this information. It would also surprise me if they did anything other than try to entice or convince you to stick with your choice even without knowing what you are buying.

There are most likely many better choices of both a mattress and a retailer to buy from and making a blind purchase based on a marketing story is never a great idea IMO.

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