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Re: Inexpensive alternatives to the Natura Cloud 19 Oct 2012 03:31 #11

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Thank you, this is extremely helpful. I took another look at the Arizona 7 Zone mattress and it does seem like a good option (especially as it's on sale). I have an e-mail into Arizona Mattress with my questions about their products, and Dreamfoam has already answered my e-mails.

I would strongly suggest talking to the different manufacturers on the phone rather than using email (unless you have a very simple question with a more black and white answer). You will get much more informative and in depth information in a much shorter period of time that way (most questions that consumers ask can be more complex that they may realize and can have much more "it depends" types of answers that are more conducive to real time two way communication).

If we decide we want to push our budget up a bit to try to get all latex, would you consider this a good option:

If you are comfortable with seconds then they can be a reasonable option. Just bear in mind that they are sourcing from one of the manufacturers of this site who chose not to use these materials in their own mattresses. A forum search on mattresses 24/7 (you can just click this) will bring up more information about them including a review with some pictures.

Is there a big difference in feel between 2 layers and 3?

This would depend to some degree on the layering you chose but in general yes there would be quite a difference even with similar layers on the top. A 6" mattress would be firmer and more suitable for lighter weights or less "curvy" sleeping positions and the transition from soft to firm would be less gradual than with a thicker mattress. I don't think either or you would "bottom out" though because you are lighter but it may not be your first choice in terms of the combination of pressure relief and support. Only your body can really know or sure though because different people will have much different needs and preferences. It would be well worth a more detailed conversation with the different suppliers you are considering and in the end it would depend to some degree on your sleeping style and on whether you thought the difference in price was worth the tradeoff of less flexibility of layering and perhaps comfort.

How would a SleepEZ 7000 compare in feel to the hybrid mattresses we are considering?

The comfort layers would (or at least could) be similar and this contributes a lot to how most (but not all) people will "feel" on a mattress. Subjective factors like feel though are very difficult to predict because in some cases different people will have very different impressions of the same mattress and in other cases they may feel that very different mattress "feel" very similar.

In very general terms though ... polyfoam is a stiffer and less elastic material than latex and is not as conforming to different shapes and latex is more "springy" and also more "supportive" (it gets firmer faster with deeper compression than most types of polyfoam even if it starts off softer). Innersprings are more bouncy although the type and design of innerspring and the layering over it will make a big difference as well. Every layer of a mattress will interact and affect every other layer so it's difficult to make these types of comparisons except in very general terms. Local testing (when possible) on different types of mattresses is the most accurate way to know how different types of mattresses will feel for you (which may be very different from how they will feel for others).

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