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Tempur-Pedic Celebrity Surgery using SpindleMattress.com Latex w/Pics 04 Feb 2014 18:57 #1

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Our Tempur-Pedic Celebrity was originally purchased sometime around 2007-2008. For those of you not familiar with the Celebrity, it was one of the first Tempur-Pedic mattresses featuring a pillow top using HD foam. It worked quite well for us for many years until I needed multiple back surgeries in the course of a year and spent the last 12 months bedridden.

The mattress had severely softened. We both were experiencing intense hip, back, and shoulder pain. We decided to perform mattress surgery since we can’t afford a new $8,000 mattress right now. Upon removing the cover, and cutting through the batting holding the top layer of foam into the cover, we discovered the support layers of the mattress were in great shape, not soft at all. The topper itself was as soft as the cheaper memory foam I can buy at Kohl’s.

After doing my research here and then assessing my mattress, we decided Latex was for us. Per Phoenix’s advice in multiple threads, I called Spindle Mattress and spoke to Neal. He was awesome! He obviously knows and loves mattresses like I know and love cars. That was pretty cool. With his advice, we determined a medium natural latex topper would work for us. It arrived way faster than I’d anticipated.

Since we already tore our mattress apart and knew the 3” latex would fit perfectly where we had removed the 3” of memory foam, we simply put the topper on our support layers and zipped the cover back up.

The worst part of our entire experience was having to take the topper off. It was encased within the mattress cover, and actually stitched through from the outside of the case to the batting underneath the topper. We ended up with only one hole in the cover, which is less than an inch long. Still, if you’re wanting to do mattress surgery you should have some expectation of nail-biting moments. Mattress surgery is not for the faint of heart.

So far, so good. I am thrilled with the customer service and sales support provided by Spindle Mattress. I made sure to get my Mattress Underground discount, which made his topper less expensive than the others for what we needed.

*Note: The left side of our mattress is propped up on a wedge, we don’t have a strange mattress.

The topper arrived in a giant box, weighing 42 pounds for an Eastern King.

photo 2 by brittany.741 , on Flickr
It fit in the box perfectly, was not really compressed in any way.

photo 4 by brittany.741 , on Flickr
Our naked Tempur-Pedic Celebrity with the outer case removed. The stuff you see on top is glue, where the batting sewn to the bottom of the topper was glued to the support layers. Taking it apart was kind of difficult, as the glue was very strong!

photo 1 by brittany.741 , on Flickr
Carefully placed topper on the mattress, still wrapped in plastic.

photo 5 by brittany.741 , on Flickr
Unwrapped the topper. Really, no smell worth noting. My husband is asthmatic and he wasn’t bothered whatsoever. Once unwrapped, it needed to be flipped right-side-up.

photo 1 (2) by brittany.741 , on Flickr
Slid the topper over by pulling the plastic underneath.

photo 2 (2) by brittany.741 , on Flickr
Squared up the topper, it was not undercut whatsoever. It was cut to the exactly correct size! Zipped up the case and looks brand new all over again.

photo 3 (2) by brittany.741 , on Flickr

Cliff's Notes: Did mattress surgery, tempur pedic was sagging due to top layer, replaced with Spindle Mattress 3" topper, super happy.

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Tempur-Pedic Celebrity Surgery using SpindleMattress.com Latex w/Pics 04 Feb 2014 20:16 #2

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Hi brittany741,

Thanks for taking the time to share all the details and the pictures of your mattress surgery. I've added a link to your thread in the mattress surgery reference post here so that others can benefit from your experience and information.

I'm thrilled that things worked out so well in spite of the challenge of removing glued layers.

Way to go :)

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