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Ultimate Dreams vs Aloe Alexis 25 Jun 2013 16:24 #1

Hi Phoenix,
I was wondering what your opinion is regarding 3" of Latex vs the 6" of latex the Aloe Alexis offers. The reason I ask is because I have neck and lower back issues. I'm 5'5" and 145# and my husband is 6' and 165#, I am a side sleeper and he is a stomach sleeper. I also have a problem with pressure points on my hips. I don't know if 3" of Latex would be enough so I don't bottom out and experience pressure on my hips. I just read the post about BB vs DF so I know about the other differences between the two.
A lot of their beds only have 3" of latex, what do you think?
Thanks, Cownox

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Ultimate Dreams vs Aloe Alexis 25 Jun 2013 18:49 #2

Hi cownox,

I was wondering what your opinion is regarding 3" of Latex vs the 6" of latex the Aloe Alexis offers.

The Alexis would certainly be my preference if I could comfortably afford it. You can read a little more about the differences between a latex/polyfoam hybrid and an all latex mattress in post #2 here and the Alexis would be in between the two because it has both a latex comfort and transition layer and would be the "next best" thing to an all latex mattress. This would be especially true for someone who was either heavy enough to "go through" the top layer more because of their weight or someone who was a side sleeper which is a more "curvy" sleeping profile than back or stomach sleeping where the better contouring properties of the middle latex transition layer can "help" the comfort layer and make a difference in how well the mattress adapts to their body shape and different sleeping positions.

Latex is also a more durable material even than 2 lb polyfoam so having a second layer of latex under the top layer would also be a more durable choice for those who are in higher weight ranges and would likely compress the deeper layers of the mattress more although both mattresses use high quality and durable materials and neither one of them have any lower quality materials or weak links that would compromise the durability or useful life of the mattress relative to any weight range.

The Alexis also has more options to fine tune and customize the feel of the mattress both with an initial purchase as well as after a purchase because it has two layers of latex that are part of your initial choice that can also be re-arranged and you can also exchange either one of the layers for a softer or firmer layer while the Eurotop only has the option to either choose or exchange a single layer.

The Alexis also includes wool in the cover which would be more effective in terms of temperature regulation than a cover that only contained polyfoam in the quilting

While both are great value choices ... the only significant reason to choose one layer of latex over two IMO would be either budget, because someone was lighter and/or a back or stomach sleeper that didn't compress much more than the top layer and wouldn't "feel" the deeper layers as much, or if for some other reason the added benefits of the middle latex layer was less noticeable for a specific person.

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